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AAA Infotek Limited

AAA Infotek Ltd provides electronics/power solutions, telecommunications equipment vending, education and capacity development. The company is based in Lagos.

AAA Infotek provides Electronics/Power Solution

Panels manufacturing, Automation and Power/Energy Management, Optimization and Control. Wireless Sensors Networking systems, Telemetry and control Systems Engineering Services and Solutions, Intelligent buildings Remote metering, Hybrid Power Solution, Conditioning and flow management, DC Power Systems setup, Deep Cycle Battery sales, Operations and Maintenance.


Working with major vendor solutions from Ericsson, Huawei, Aviat, ZTE, Ubiquity, Mikrotik and Nokia Siemens on Transmission Networks, Wireless Radio Access, Broadband and Enterprise solutions, WIFI Hotspot, Microwave and Fiber, Fixed NGN on Copper and FTTH, and Core networks.

Education and Capacity Development

Capacity building is in the core of AAA Infotek’s business development activity and our contribution to enhance the productivity in the telecoms and our core areas of business. We take fresh graduates and Interns and we mentor them for professionalism and good job placement in existing network operations, vendors and other contracting companies.

Presently working with educational institutions for partnering on the National Research and Educational Network setup, Design and Implementation.

To get more informations visit www.infotek-telecoms.com.ng or you could reach us at 24 FRCN Road, Ebute Ipakodo, Ikorodu Lagos.

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AAA Infotek
AAA Infotek is a Nigerian telecoms company
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