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Lagos technology firm floats engineering training centre for repair of Smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc

With anticipated improvement in public electricity delivery in Nigeria, there is hope that the productive sector will manifest the well known industry of the average Nigerian. Even as we speak, many youths are known to be engaged in wonderful endeavours and this is bound to see remarkable improvement if and when the ongoing power reforms produce results.

One technology firm that has positioned Nigerian youths for active engagement in technology solutions is Backup Networks Ltd. The firm recently built a world class diagnostic workbench, named Phonedoctorservice, where various skills in repair and management of Smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart cameras etc will be transferred to willing Nigerians.

With more than 200 million phones in use in Nigeria, there is tremendous opportunity for young school leavers to specialise in these skills and instantly convert themselves into employers instead of searching for non existent jobs.

Mr Monday Ogbe, an engineer and CEO of Backup Networks told CyberschuulNews yesterday that his Company’s Phonedoctorservice initiative has a workbench which is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to diagnose, repair and re-engineer devices which otherwise may be thrown away if redemption opportunities are not provided.

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