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Multi-Links Telecommunications Limited

The first private telephone call in Nigeria was made on the Multi-links network in 1998.

By 2011, however, the company had fallen on really hard times along the way.

On 3rd October 2011, HIP Oils, an affiliate of Helios Towers Nigeria acquired 100% of the equity interest in Multi-Links from Telkom South Africa. With Telkom out of the game, it was much harder going for Multi-links from that point on.

Multi-Links business comprised of a Mobile Business using CDMA technology and a fibre optic network spanning 8,232 kilometres on which it provides national data transmission capacity and limited metro and last mile connectivity to several tower sites in major cities in Nigeria.

Starcomms Plc, on 31st October 2012 announced that it had reached agreement with Capcom Ltd on an investment of $210m of cash and assets in exchange for new Starcomms shares. As part of this investment, Capcom will purchase Multi-Links Telecommunication and contribute the business to be merged with Starcomms Plc and also purchase and contribute MTS 1st Wireless Limited to Starcomms. The transaction is subject to final regulatory clearances and is expected to close shortly. The deal fell through.

Eventually, Multi-links shut down its CDMA network.

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Multi-Links Telecommunications Limited

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