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VDT Communications Ltd

VDT Communications (the “Wireless Backhaul Provider of the Year; 2009,2010’) is a Broadband Network and leading private communication service provider of Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) and Internet connectivity services, using Digital Wireless and the Fibre Optic Cable Access technologies to deliver inter-network services.

Our major service lines are:
1. Internet provisioning (we are a major investor in the Main one Cable Company, which commenced delivery of its Fiber Optic based Internet Cable in Nigeria) This has enabled increased distribution of the long awaited bulk capacity internet bandwidth at a high speed and at affordable price to numerous users in Nigeria.

2. Fiber Optic (Digital Leased Circuit ) Intercity Network (i.e branch offices inter-city connectivity,)
3. Metro Wireless Network (i.e. branch offices metropolitan connectivity)

Coporate Address: 1, Alfred Rewane Road Ikoyi, Lagos

Website: www.vdtcomms.com

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VDT Communications

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